Why is my apple watch showing someone else’s activity?

Check that your contact card contains your name, Apple ID email address and phone number. Remove any of your son’s information that may appear in your contact card. Check that a separate contact card exists for your son and that it does not include any of your contact details.

How do I stop sharing activity on Apple Watch?

Hide your progress

  1. Open the Fitness app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap the Sharing tab, then tap the friend that you want to hide your activity from.
  3. Tap Hide my Activity. You can still see your friend’s activity, but they won’t see your activity. …
  4. To start sharing again, tap Show my Activity.

Can someone else connect to my Apple Watch?

If you have not yet done so, then in order for someone else to be able to use the Apple Watch with their own iPhone under their own Apple ID, it will first need to be unpaired from your iPhone and, if it was enabled, to have Activation Lock removed.

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Why is my husbands name on my Apple Watch?

Check that there is a single contact card for you and that it contains your name, Apple ID email address and iPhone number. Remove any duplicate contact cards and remove anyone else’s contact details from your own card.

How can you tell if someone is hiding their Apple Watch activity from you?

Scroll to the bottom of your screen to see a separate section titled “THESE PEOPLE ARE CURRENTLY HIDING THEIR ACTIVITY DATA FROM YOU.” This section may give you clarity on where your absent friend might have gone.

How do I block someone on my Apple Watch 2020?

Block people on Apple Watch

  1. On your iPhone open the Apple Watch app.
  2. Tap on My Watch.
  3. Tap on Friends.
  4. Tap on Blocked.
  5. Tap on Block Contact. A list of contacts will appear and you can tap on the you want to add to your blocked list.

How do I remove previous owner Apple ID from Apple Watch?

Sign in with your Apple ID, and open Settings. Under My Devices, click your Apple Watch. Click X next to your device. Click Remove to confirm.

How do I unlink my Apple ID from my Apple Watch?

Just unpair your Apple Watch from your iPhone:

  1. Keep your Apple Watch and iPhone close together.
  2. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  3. Tap the My Watch tab, then tap All Watches at the top of the screen.
  4. Tap the info button next to your Apple Watch.
  5. Tap Unpair Apple Watch. …
  6. Enter your Apple ID password. …
  7. Tap again to confirm.
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Can you borrow someone’s Apple Watch?

While you can have multiple Apple Watches paired, you can only use one at a time. In a way you can read and understand, no, it’s not possible. The Apple Watch and iPhone are single user devices. It would be extreamly unwise to share a Watch with your ID with another person.

Why does my iPhone have someone else’s name?

You might have acquired a used iPhone and the previous owner is still signed into the device through their Apple ID. … Not only that, but being signed into someone else’s Apple ID usually means that any photos you take, for example, will be backed up to that person’s iCloud, rather than to your own.

How do I change my activity name on Apple Watch?

Question: Q: How do I change my name in activity app

  1. Launch the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on My Watch to access the Watch-specific settings.
  3. Tap on General, then About and then Name.
  4. Delete the current name and type in the new name you want to use.

Why is my apple watch asking for my husbands Apple ID?

Do you have purchases made using your husband’s Apple ID? A request for another Apple ID password is often caused by updates to apps/purchases that were made when using the other ID. Those purchases are tied to the other ID and can’t be transferred.

Can you tell when someone is checking your location?

No, your device doesn’t tell you when people are checking because that would be really annoying.

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What does the green dot on Apple Watch activity mean?

Answer: A: That green dot next to the Activity rings means that you had a workout session that day.

What does the green dot next to my activity rings mean?

The green dot next to the activity rings indicates that at least one workout was recorded on that day via the Workout app. Past workouts can be viewed in more detail via the Workouts tab in the Activity app.