Why does my Alexa clock turn red?

The solid red light means the microphone has been turned off and Alexa is not actively listening for your commands. A spinning blue light that ends with a purple flash indicates that Do Not Disturb has been activated. A flash of purple after you interact with Alexa means that Do Not Disturb is still enabled.

Why is the clock on my Alexa red?

Single Red Blink

Echo Wall Clock has a low battery. Note: After changing the batteries, it takes up to 10 minutes for the time to sync.

Why does my Alexa turn red at night?

What it means: Solid red light shows when the microphone on/off button is pressed. That means the device microphone is disconnected and Alexa is not listening. … On Echo devices with a camera, a red light bar means that your video will not be shared.

How do I reset my Alexa clock?

Reset Your Echo Wall Clock

  1. Open the Alexa app .
  2. Open Devices .
  3. Navigate to your Echo device and select Bluetooth Devices.
  4. Select the icon next to your Echo Wall Clock and select Forget Device.
  5. Go back to the device settings page.
  6. Under Connected Devices, select Echo Wall Clock and then Unpair.
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Can you change the clock color on Alexa?

You’ll notice the distinctive new feature right away. The LED display on the front scrolls through “Hello” during setup, and by default shows the clock. You can control the brightness in the Alexa app on iOS and Android, but you can’t change the color, which is white.

How do you fix red Alexa?

Keep your Alexa plugged in and switched on. Check the top of your device to see if the microphone button is flashing red too. If there is a flashing red ring and the microphone button, the microphone is on mute. To unmute, simply press the microphone button (the flashing red one).

Why is Alexa red and not understanding?

The “I’m having trouble understanding you” error occurs when an Amazon Echo device has trouble contacting the Amazon servers to help decipher and understand what you’re saying. It could be because you lost the wireless connection, or perhaps your internet service is down. There may even be an issue on Amazon’s end.

Why is Alexa red and not responding?

Red means the mic switch on top of the speaker has been pressed and the speaker will not listen to your requests. Orange means the device is trying to connect to the wireless network. Violet appears when a problem occurs during Wi-Fi setup.

How long do batteries last in Echo clock?

But we bought our clock after all that was resolved, so we’ve never had a problem. Anyway, to set it up, you’ll have to insert four AA batteries into the back, which Amazon includes in the box. Those batteries last about six months, impressively.

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Does Alexa change time automatically?

Use Alexa to Your Advantage

First and foremost, you can use it to make sure any connected devices change their clocks. The Echo itself will automatically adjust since it bases its clock on your internet router. … To help, set Alexa to inform you about traffic as part of your morning routine.

How do I set my Alexa Echo clock?

Press and hold the blue pairing button on the back of device for up to 10 seconds. The status LED on the front pulses orange. When the status LED turns blue, the device is paired and the time sync begins. The light pulses blue as your clock syncs with your compatible Echo device.

How do I change the color of my echo dot clock?

Change Echo Glow Colors

  1. Open the Alexa app .
  2. Open Devices .
  3. Select Lights, then select your Echo Glow.
  4. Go to Color.
  5. Select Set and choose the device color.

How do I make my Alexa clock brighter?

Use voice commands or the Alexa app to change the brightness level manually.

  1. Open the Alexa app .
  2. Open Devices .
  3. Select Echo & Alexa and then select your Echo Dot with clock device.
  4. Select LED Display.
  5. Turn the Adaptive Brightness feature on or off, or drag the slider to change the brightness level.