What is the meaning of word chronometer?

: an instrument for measuring time especially : one designed to keep time with great accuracy. More from Merriam-Webster on chronometer.

What is a meaning of chronometer?

noun. a timepiece or timing device with a special mechanism for ensuring and adjusting its accuracy, for use in determining longitude at sea or for any purpose where very exact measurement of time is required. any timepiece, especially a wristwatch, designed for the highest accuracy.

What is the root word of chronometer?

chronometer (n.)

“any instrument that measures time or divides it into equal portions,” especially “a time-keeper of great accuracy,” 1735, from chrono- “time” + -meter.

What is another name for chronometer?

In this page you can discover 9 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for chronometer, like: timepiece, clock, hourglass, metronome, timer, watch, wristwatch, chronograph and sextant.

What does Meter mean in chronometer?

The term chronometer was coined from the Greek words χρόνος (chronos) (meaning time) and meter (meaning measure) in 1713 by William Derham. It has recently become more commonly used to describe watches tested and certified to meet certain precision standards.

Who made the chronometer?

John Harrison, (born March 1693, Foulby, Yorkshire, Eng. —died March 24, 1776, London), English horologist who invented the first practical marine chronometer, which enabled navigators to compute accurately their longitude at sea.

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What is the opposite of a chronometer?

There are no categorical antonyms for chronometer. The noun chronometer is defined as: A device for measuring time, such as a watch or clock.

What is the difference between chronograph and chronometer?

In short, a chronograph is a complication to measure short periods of time and a chronometer is a high-precision watch, certified by an official organisation. They are different but not antagonist concepts.

What is a sentence for chronometer?

Chronometer sentence example. The time of vibration is obtained by means of a chronometer , using the eye-and-ear method. The ship’s chronometer gives the date as being March 21st 3085.

What does chronometer mean on a watch?

A chronometer is not to be confused with a chronograph – that’s any watch with a stopwatch function for measuring time. A chronometer watch is essentially a fine-tuned watch that keeps better time than most. … Chronograph means “time writer” and chronometer means “time measurer”, which is what every watch does.

What does officially certified chronometer mean?

Certified chronometers

According to COSC, an official certified chronometer is a high precision watch capable of displaying the seconds and housing a movement that has been tested over several days, in different positions, and at different temperatures, by an official, neutral body (COSC).

How accurate is a chronometer?

Today, marine chronometers are considered themost accurate portable mechanical clocks ever made. They achieve a precision of around a 0.1 second loss per day. Importantly, this equates to an accuracy that can locate a ship’s position within just 1–2 miles (2–3 km) after a month at sea.

How do you find the error of a chronometer watch?

Determining the chronometer error will require transporting certain information from the radio to the chronometer. This may be done in a couple of ways. One way is to use a stopwatch. As soon as the 1400 signal sounds from Kekaha, Kauai (WWVH), the mariner starts a stopwatch.

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