What does the small line on the clock means for the hour or a minute?

It goes once around the clock every 60 minutes (one hour). … Example: in the clock on the left, the minute hand is just past the “4”, and if you count the little marks from “12” it shows that it is 22 minutes past the hour.

What does the short line on a clock mean?

The minute marks are tiny lines on the clock face. There are 60 minute marks and every fifth mark is usually longer and darker, showing the measurement of five minutes. When the minute hand is touching the minute mark above the number 12, it means that zero minutes have passed.

What do the lines in between numbers on a clock mean?

The hour hand tells you what hour it is. When the hour hand is between two numbers, it tells you we are between those two hours. The short hand or hour hand makes one full rotation around the dial in 12 hours.

What are the small marks on a clock called?

hour hand. the thing that points to the hour on a clock or watch. The thing that points to the minute is called the minute hand, and the thing that points to the seconds is called the second hand.

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Why is the hour hand shorter?

Originally Answered: Why is the hour hand shorter than the minute hand on a clock? Its because it’s easier to decipher the time at a quick glance. At 6 o’clock the hands are directly opposite eachother but at half past 12 the smaller hand is half way between 12 and 1.

Is the hour hand long or short?

The short hand is the hour hand. It points to the current hour. The long hand is the minute hand.

What is the hour hand on a clock?

Hour hand – Definition with Examples

The small hand on a clock that points to the hours. It goes once around the clock every 12 hours.

What time is it when the minute hand is on 12?

Students learn that when telling time to the hour on an analog clock, the minute hand is on the 12 and the hour hand is on the hour. They say the hour first and then “o’clock”. For example, if the hour hand is on the 4 and the minute hand is on the 12, they say 4 o’clock.

What time is it when the big hand is on 4?

When the minute/big hands points to 4, it indicates that 20 minutes have past since the clock struck the hour.

What are the lines on a watch called?

Hour Marker

The actual numeric labels on the watch face, usually 1 to 12. Hour markers label the time just like measurement lines label volume on a measuring cup.

What are clock parts called?

Case: The body that houses the components of a clock. Minute Hand: The longer hand that indicates minutes. Hour Hand: The shorter hand that points to the hour. Barrel: The cylindrical metal box that powers the mechanical timepiece with a mainspring and a toothed round gear.

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