What does still on the clock mean?

What does it mean if you are on the clock?

If you’re on the clock, it should be the former. To be on the clock is an idiom meaning “working” or “getting paid.” It can also refer to the amount of time a taximeter has on the clock or the amount of time left in a sporting match. Related words: … spare time.

What does around the clock mean slang?

Around the clock means for an entire 24-hour day. The phrase around the clock is used most commonly when someone is hard at work, or is doing something difficult.

What does the phrase off the clock mean?

Definitions of off-the-clock. adverb. overtime without extra compensation. “she often has to work off-the-clock”

What does back on the clock mean?

to remember or imagine times in the past: Now we’re going to turn back the clock with some rock and roll from the 1950s. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Remembering, reminding and reminders.

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What does a clock mean on WhatsApp?

You will usually see the clock symbol when your device is not connected to a network (WiFi or mobile data) and it means that your message still has not been sent. WhatsApp is waiting for an appropriated connection to send or it is waiting for enough internet bandwidth required to send your message to the server.

Why can’t you see a clock in a dream?

Your brain of sorts shuts down and slows down time for you, you loose the sense of time and the sense of day & night, you are in a coma state. Where if you feel like you have had a dream for hours, is really just over a couple of minutes. There’s nothing like “the deeper you go, the slower it gets” though.

What does open around the clock mean?

Meaning: If something is open around the clock, it is open 24 hours a day. For example, an airport is open around the clock.

What does it mean to work around the clock?

phrase. If something is done round the clock or around the clock, it is done all day and all night without stopping.

Can you do something against the clock?

If you are doing something against the clock, you are doing it in a great hurry, because there is very little time. The emergency services were working against the clock as the tide began to rise. It’s now become a race against the clock.

What does be on edge mean?

Tense, nervous, irritable, as in We were all on edge as we waited for the surgeon’s report. This expression transfers the edge of a cutting instrument to one’s feelings. [Late 1800s] Also see on the edge; set one’s teeth on edge.

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Is off the clock hyphenated?

It’s just “off the clock”, no hyphens, and it means that you’re doing something for someone for free, without charging them like you normally would (ie if you were ‘on the clock’, meaning you’re charging for your time).

What does miles on the clock mean?

​informalused for saying how many miles a vehicle’s mileometer or speedometer shows. a car with over 82,000 miles on the clock.

What does not on my watch means?

That will not happen while I am in charge or on the lookout.

What is the meaning of on the rock?

phrase. If something such as a marriage or a business is on the rocks, it is experiencing very severe difficulties and looks likely to end very soon.