What batteries does Kit Kat clock take?

What batteries does a Kit Kat Clock take?

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Color Black
Are Batteries Included No
Number of Batteries 2 C batteries required.
Mounting Type Wall Mount
Brand Kit Cat Klock

How do you put batteries in a Kit Kat Clock?

Tip 1: If the clock is hanging on the wall, usually it needs a little forward tilt. This brings the magnet above the tail closer to the motor inside the clock, to use the full power and life of the batteries. Pull the head out about 1/2″ from the wall, then give the tail a push to one side to start it.

Why did my Kit Kat clock stop working?

A clock may slow and stop because the small Philips head screw securing the lever, or pendulum, is over tightened. Back the screw off 1/2 turn, and usually the clock then animates correctly. This screw is found immediately to the left of the pendulum pivot point, which is above the batteries in the middle of the clock.

How big was the original Kit Cat Clock?

Measuring 15 1/2″ Tall with rolling eyes and a wagging tail the Kit-Kat clock is known for quality craftsmanship. It can be placed anywhere. There are no unsightly cords since it runs on 2 C Batteries (not included).

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What does the smaller needle in a clock indicate?

The shortest hand indicates the hour, a longer hand indicates the minutes, and the longest arm indicates the seconds. Some analog clocks have only two hands: the shorter hand indicating the hour and the longer hand indicating the minutes.

How do you date a Kit Kat Clock?

If the clock has an electric cord it was made before 1990. If a stamped number is on the back that would mean it was produced from ’82-’89. If the front of the clock has “Kit-Cat” on its clock face it was made after ’82.

Battery Kit-Cat Clocks.

BC-1 Black 1989
BC-45 Ultra Violet 2018
LBC-45 Ultra Violet Lady 2018

Does the Kit Cat Clock make noise?

How loud is it? Answer: The Classic Black Kitty Clock is not loud at all. As a matter of fact, I don’t mind the noise it makes.

Where is the cat clock from?

During the height of The Great Depression, the Kit-Cat clock was first invented in 1932 in Oregon by designer Earl Arnault (1904-1971). The Allied Clock Company was founded in Portland, Oregon to manufacture these uniquely animated pendulum clocks.

Does the Kit Kat clock tick?

But not the smiling Kit-Cat. The nostalgic wall clock with the shifty eyes and wagging tail has kept ticking since 1939. Those who recognize the animated timepiece from their youth are often surprised to find that the famous cat is still being produced.

Is the Kit Kat clock Felix?

The original Kit-Cat Klocks have been made since the 1950s in America. Kit-Kat Clocks are wall clocks where the eyes move left and right while the tail wags. Often mistaken for felix the cat clocks, the original Kit-Kat Clocks are made in various colors and limited edition models each year.

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Who invented the Kit Kat clock?

The first clock was designed by Earl Arnault (1904-1971) in 1932 and made by the Allied Manufacturing Company in Portland, Oregon. Allied subsequently moved to Seattle, Washington in the early 1940s and then to southern California in 1962, whereupon it was renamed California Clock Company.