How much time does a Level 4 Clock Tower take off?

How much time does clock tower potion reduce?

The Clock Tower Potion effectively gives 30 minutes of Clock Tower boost to all timers in the Builder Base.

Builder Base Walls
Level Wall Rings Required
8 6
9 8

Does the clock tower speed up loot?

The clock tower boost and potion only speeds up builder time, lab time and passive resources and is supposed to fit all the home village potions in to one, I think. But the active boost is missing, it doesn’t help you get active loot at all, and it doesn’t replace all the home village potion boosts.

How long does it take to rebuild the clock tower COC?

1,200,000/1,750 = 685.71 days. Additional information: Building the clock tower w/ lvl 4 mines takes 39.69 days to recover investment. Upgrading to lvl 2 w/ lvl 4 mines takes 142.86 days to recover investment. Upgrading to lvl 3 w/ lvl 4 mines takes 174.60 days to recover investment.

Will there be a BH10?

We don’t have any solid plans for BH10 yet, but we have discussed it on occasion. We’re reluctant to simply just do a new level as we’re still trying to decide where we want to take the Builder Base feature.

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How long does a Level 5 Clock Tower take off?

Gold Pass modifiers

Level Hitpoints Boost Duration
5 1,382 22m
6 1,658 24m
7 1,990 26m
8 2,388 28m

What is the Rune of gold in COC?

Rune of Gold

“Seemingly providing an endless stream of Gold, this magical item allows you to completely fill your Gold Storages in the Home Village.” The Rune of Gold fills the Gold Storages of your Home Village. It can be purchased for 1.500 Gems and sold for 50 Gems.

How is Clock Tower vodka?


Offering the highest quality possible in a number of different flavours to suit the taste of the consumers, the Clock Tower Vodka is one of the most celebrated inclusions in the cellar of Brima Sagar.

How many clock towers are there in India?


Name City/Town Built
Clock tower Faizabad
Ram Narain Periwal Clock Tower Fazilka
IIEST Shibpur clock tower Howrah
Hooghly Imambara clock tower Hooghly 1861

How fast is Clock Tower in COC?

Clock Tower multiplier has been increased from 8x to 10x. Clock Tower boost duration has been increased from 3-11 minutes to 14-30 minutes (Clock Tower Potion’s duration remains at 30 minutes).

Is Battle Machine worth upgrading?

You don’t need to upgrade it at all; just get it for the tanking value. Of course, you’ll be upgrading your storages to have the capacity required to repair the Battle Machine, but prioritize this for the first few days. 2) The Battle Machine is one of the LAST things you should UPGRADE at BH5.

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Will there be a TH 14 COC?

The exact TH14 release date is set for April 12.

What is the highest builder hall?

Resource and Army Buildings

Builder Hall – Maximum Level of Buildings
BH Level Gold Mines & Elixir Collectors Builder Barracks
1 Ruin Ruin
2 1 2
3 3 4

How do I find the builder base?

Once you reach Town Hall 4, you are able to rebuild the boat that takes you to the Builder Base.