How do I turn off my Timex alarm clock?

Press and release the Power/Mode/Alarm Reset Button on the unit at any time to turn the unit On. Press and hold the Power/Mode/Alarm Reset Button to turn the unit Off.

How do you turn off the alarm on a Timex tw500?

Remove the battery pull tab located on the bottom of the unit. When the Low Backup Battery Icon glows on the display, it is time to the replace the backup battery. To silence a sounding alarm and reset it come on the next day at the same time, press and release the Power/Alarm Reset Button.

How do I set the time on my Timex mp3 alarm clock?

Setting the clock

Press and hold the Time Set Button until the time display begins flashing. 2. Press the << or >> Button to adjust to correct time. Holding a button for a few seconds will advance or reverse the time rapidly.

How do you set the alarm on a Timex t2312?

Press the Minute/ Button on top of unit to adjust MINUTES. Press and release the Alarm 1 Button (or Alarm 2 Button) repeatedly as needed to cycle to desired alarm mode: Buzzer (default), Radio (last station played) or Off (alarm is no longer active). Press the Hour/ Button on top of unit to adjust the HOUR.

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How do you set a Timex Nature Sounds alarm Clock?

Setting the AM/FM Radio Alarm

Press and hold the ¸ Radio Alarm Button until the settings and radio frequency appear on the display. 2. Press the µ Reverse or Forward Button to set the alarm time.

How do you set a Timex dual alarm clock?

How to Set a Timex Alarm

  1. Plug in the Timex alarm clock. …
  2. Set the time by referencing an accurate watch or clock. …
  3. Hold down the “Alarm Set/Reset” button. …
  4. Slide the “Loudness” switch to “Gentle” or “Loud” to set the preferred volume of the alarm. …
  5. Press the “Alarm Set/Reset” button when the alarm sounds.

How do I change the time on my Timex t1305?

HOW TO RESET/ADJUST THE TIME – Remove battery door with a screw driver. Remove the battery. There is a small button, push that while adjusting the hour and minute.

How do you set a Tzumi alarm clock?

2. Setting the Clock

  1. Press and hold the time button tor 2 seconds until the time flashes to enter the time setting mode.
  2. Press the time button again then press the button to switch the time from 12-hour mode to the 24-hour mode.
  3. Press the time button again to enter the minutes setting mode.

How do you set an alarm on a Timex watch?


  1. Using the MODE button, go to Alarm mode. …
  2. To set the alarm you have selected, press & release the SET button. …
  3. Press the START/STOP (lower right button on the face) button and the AM or PM will begin flashing. …
  4. Press the START/STOP button and the hours will begin flashing.
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How do you set the time on a Timex Indiglo alarm clock?

Instructions for the Timex T025B Indiglo Alarm Clock

  1. Turn the alarm clock over to access the battery compartment. …
  2. Press and hold the “Set” button on the top of the alarm clock for two to three seconds. …
  3. Press the “+” and “-” buttons to adjust the time forward or backward.

How do I set the alarm on my Timex t307s?

Press and hold the 7 Nature Sounds/Buzzer Alarm 2 Button until the Alarm 2 settings and Sounds Alarm Indicator appear on the display. 2. Press the 1 Reverse or 6 Forward Button to set the Alarm 2 time.