How do I set the alarm on my Timex Indiglo watch?

How do I set the alarm on my Timex Expedition Indiglo?

Press MODE repeatedly until AL appears. To set alarm: 1) Press SET and hold for 2 seconds. Hour flashes. Press START/STOP to change hour, including AM (no symbol) and PM.

How do you set an alarm on a Timex watch?

How to Set a Timex Alarm

  1. Plug in the Timex alarm clock. …
  2. Set the time by referencing an accurate watch or clock. …
  3. Hold down the “Alarm Set/Reset” button. …
  4. Slide the “Loudness” switch to “Gentle” or “Loud” to set the preferred volume of the alarm. …
  5. Press the “Alarm Set/Reset” button when the alarm sounds.

How do you turn off the alarm on a Timex watch?

Press and release the Power/Mode/Alarm Reset Button on the unit at any time to turn the unit On. Press and hold the Power/Mode/Alarm Reset Button to turn the unit Off.

Do Timex watches have alarms?

The Timex Vibrating Alarm line actually has two types of alarms: the over 60-minute alarm, and the under 60-minute alarm. The Timex Vibrating Alarm watches sell for between $65 and $75, and Timex offers free shipping right to your door. …

How do you program a Timex Expedition watch?

Locate the crown on your analog expedition watch.

  1. Pulling the crown all the way out will allow you to adjust the time.
  2. Pulling the crown half way out to the middle position will allow you to adjust the date.
  3. Pushing the crown back in will restart the watch, starting from the time and date you have set it to.
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What is Hydra on a Timex watch?

Hydration mode provides a countdown timer with alert to remind you to drink during a workout. Press MODE repeatedly until HYDRA appears. To set hydration time: 1) Press SET. Minutes flash.