How do I play Spotify through my Apple Watch with wireless headphones?

You can play Spotify on your Apple Watch by installing the Spotify app and launching it. Once you start playing Spotify music, you can listen from your Apple Watch or iPhone. You’ll need to connect Bluetooth headphones to listen to Spotify directly from your Apple Watch.

How do I play Spotify through my Bluetooth headphones on my Apple Watch?

Stream Spotify directly from your Apple Watch

  1. Launch Spotify on your Apple Watch.
  2. On the main screen, you will see the usual music control options. Three middle buttons to play/pause, skip forward, and skip back. …
  3. Now, connect Bluetooth headphones to your watch by opening Watch Settings → Bluetooth.

How do I play Spotify through wireless headphones?

To play Spotify on Bluetooth, you need: The Spotify app on a device that supports Bluetooth. An audio device that supports Bluetooth.

Bluetooth help for Spotify

  1. On both devices, switch Bluetooth on.
  2. Pair the devices in their Bluetooth settings. Tip: Check your device’s support for details.
  3. Open Spotify and play.

Why doesn’t my Spotify work on my Apple Watch?

Make sure your Apple Watch is connected to Wi-Fi. … If it’s not, then your Spotify app won’t work on your Watch. Double-check you’re using the same Wi-Fi for both devices, and then try Spotify again. Make sure Apple Watch’s Bluetooth is enabled, Bluetooth is enabled on your iPhone, and that your headphones are connected.

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Can you listen to Spotify on Apple Watch?

It’s a feature Spotify users have been asking for and Spotify has finally delivered it. You can now download content from Spotify to store on your Apple Watch, letting you listen to it on the move without needing to be connected to your phone or having to use LTE either.

Why won’t my Apple Watch pair with my Bluetooth headphones?

Turn off bluetooth on your iPhone if the headphones are paired with it, then turn on Airplane Mode on your Apple Watch and turn on Bluetooth on your Apple Watch. Since the headphones are already paired, just tap them and they should connect. Then you can turn off Airplane Mode again.

Why won’t my Apple Watch play music through headphones?

Unpair your compatible* headphones from your iPhone or from any other device that they may already be paired with. Restart your Apple Watch: Restart your Apple Watch – Apple Support.

Why won’t Spotify play through my wireless headphones?

Go to “Settings” > “Connected Devices” > “Bluetooth”. Select your Bluetooth headset or speaker and then select to “forget the connection”. Then re-pair the device with your Bluetooth headset/speaker. If the issue persists, go to “Settings” > “Apps & Notifications” and select “Spotify”.

Why is Spotify not playing through Bluetooth?

There are some devices that do not support playing Spotify over Bluetooth. This is common with some Android devices and some PCs. … If your device has multiple apps playing in the background, close them to ensure they are not interfering with how your device sends music to the Bluetooth speaker.

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Why does my Spotify audio not work?

In general, the issue of Spotify playing but no sound might arise due to various reasons like poor internet connection, overloaded RAM, overused CPU, and more. Or maybe your device or Spotify might just be having some technical problems.