How did clockwork get a clock in her eye?

She repeats what she had told the therapist about time while removing her left eye and dropping it into the sink. She then forces the small clock into her eye socket until it ‘fits perfectly’ and refers to herself “Clockwork”.

Who is Clockwork’s brother?

Clockwork Angel is the first installment of The Infernal Devices trilogy by Cassandra Clare. After the death of her aunt, Tessa Gray is sent a ticket to travel to London by her brother Nathaniel.

What is clockworks favorite color?

Clockwork – “Green.”

When was Jane the killer born?

Her birthday is on September 1st, 1985.

Who wrote Clockwork your time is up?

Clockwork (novel)

First edition (UK)
Author Philip Pullman
Language English
Genre Children’s novel
Publisher Doubleday

Who is the tallest Creepypasta?

Appearance: Nula stands at about 6’11, she is allegedly the tallest Creepypasta after Slenderman.

How old is Masky?

Clockwork – “22.” Masky – “26.”

Is clockwork still a Creepypasta?

Clockwork was created by Soffbois. The original story was published on the official Creepypasta website in 2013, however was shortly taken down due to negative reviews. Clockwork was born on November 6th, 1996. She is currently 24-years-old.

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What is Laughing Jack’s favorite food?

Laughing Jack – “Literally anything sweet. And any kind of candy.” Eyeless Jack – “I’ll eat any human organ, but I love kidneys! Usually that’s all I eat because they’re just so good!

Is Ticci Toby still a Creepypasta?

character. As many of us know by now the Wiki article for the character Ticci-Toby no longer exists. The creator of Ticci-Toby (Wade/Nancy) has announced that they do not want Toby to be associated with the Creepypasta fandom anymore on a podcast, along with a lot of lengthy highlights on their Instagram account.

What is Clockwork Creepypasta?

Natalie Outlette, currently known by her serial killer identity, Clockwork, is the titular main protagonist turn antagonist of the Creepypasta story of the same name. She is a vengeful and cruel serial killer who mutilates her victims at night, and is commonly known for her clock in her eye.

What is laughing Jill?

Laughing Jill is the gender-bent version of the popular Creepypasta character Laughing Jack. Laughing Jill was once a girl’s best friend, but when her friend was sent to the church, everything Jill loved had disappeared. Follow her through her story on making a friend, losing her, and then going insane.

How old is Sally Williams Creepypasta?

Facts. She was originally 8 in the original story but has now been revamped to be 12. Sally is one of the only few youngest and famous Creepypasta characters. Sally’s birthday is April 5th, 1958 and she died on the same day in 1970.

How did Ticci Toby became a Creepypasta?

Becoming Ticci-Toby

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His father lost himself to drugs and alcohol and became abusive towards his family. Toby soon lost control of his sanity and one night attacked and killed his father. … The fire surrounded him and as he was about to give into his own death, Slender Man appeared and saved him before he blacked out.

Is clockwork a boy or girl?

Tesla, the Clockwork Girl: (protagonist) is a young robot girl learning how to live in a world of adults. She looks at strangers like a kid in a candy store and wants to know everything about this new world around her.

Who is clockwork Roblox?

Alex Quach, known as clockwork, is a former Roblox administrator. He was a summer intern at Roblox through 2007 and returned for another internship during the summer of 2008. After ending his summer 2008 internship, he went to work at Blizzard Entertainment, and helped work on Starcraft 2.