Does Apple Watch support eSIM in India?

Does Apple Watch eSIM work in India?

A US watch won’t work with any Indian carrier, even those that support eSIM, because the RF bands are different. Both eSim support and the correct bands are needed. An Apple Watch purchased in USA will only work on North American cellular networks.

Can I use my eSIM on Apple Watch?

Using eSIM or dual SIM on your iPhone and Apple Watch is a new offering from Apple. As such, it’s not yet supported by many carriers around the world. If you’re interested in activating a second cellular plan on your devices, your best bet is to contact your carrier and see what current steps are necessary.

Is Apple Watch cellular service available in India?

Apple Watch Cellular support is expanding in India. You can now use Vodafone-Idea cellular services on supported models. It’s available to Postpaid customers in Mumbai, Delhi, and Gujarat.

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Does Airtel support Apple Watch Cellular?

Apple Watch Cellular can be used free of charge with any Airtel My Plan or Infinity plan.

Is BSNL eSIM available?

Our eSIM(MFF2) is a tamper-resistant secure element to provide a secure environment for the connectivity and processing of sensitive data. As M2M element, eSIM can be incorporated into wearable, mobility and mostly IoT devices, and supports 3GPP, ETSI Standards.

Embedded SIM (eSIM) with BSNL.

Service Duration 10 years
Dimesions 0.45 mm thick

Can we take Apple Watch Dubai to India?

The Model supporting UAE is A2008 (44mm). As listed on the Apple website, the similar model would work in India with compatible carriers. So, if I understand correctly, since the model numbers are same, there should not be an issue with a watch, purchased in UAE, to work in India !

Which Apple Watch has eSIM?

Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular is capable of working independently. It comes with an electronic SIM (eSIM), which can be mapped to your existing number (for Airtel and Jio customers). This gives you the freedom of staying connected on your mobile number even if your iPhone is not around or if it runs out of charge.

How do I get eSIM on my Apple Watch?

You can view the ICCID in two places:

  1. On the iPhone, in the Watch app, navigate to General > About > ICCID.
  2. On the Watch, navigate to Settings > General > About > ICCID.

How do I activate the Jio eSIM on my Iwatch?

Jio Login & Steps to Set up Mobile Data

  1. C: After Entering Jio User ID & Password enter Proceed & accept Jio’s Terms & Conditions.
  2. D: You will receive Reference Number confirming your Apple watch syncing with Jio.
  3. E: Confirmation message will also be sent as SMS on the Jio Number with Reference Number Details.
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Does Jio support Apple Watch?

Jio Connect allows you to use your Apple Watch (GPS +Cellular) (“Device”) to make and receive calls and use data on the Company’s network even when you’re not connected via blue tooth to the following devices, namely iPhone 6 or above, having updated carrier settings and iOS 11.3 or above (“Iphone”).

Do I need eSIM for Apple Watch?

Good news – your iPhone and Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) will share the same phone number. So you won’t have to get or remember another phone number. Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) has an eSIM (embedded SIM) in it so there’s no need to get a SIM card or transfer the SIM from another device.

Can I use same eSIM on iPhone and Apple Watch?

If you set up Dual SIM on your iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, or iPhone XR or later, you can add both cellular plans on your Apple Watch Series 4 or later, as long as each plan is eligible and from a supported carrier.

Is eSIM available in India?

The steps for activating an eSim in India on Airtel are very similar for both Android and iOS users. The first step is to send an SMS, eSIM <space> registered email address to 121. If your email address is valid you will shortly receive a message from 121, for confirming the eSIM process.

Does Jio charge extra for Apple Watch Cellular?

Jio is offering Apple Watch Series 3 with JioEverywhereConnect – a service for all its prepaid and postpaid customers at no additional cost. … Jio is offering Apple Watch Series 3 with JioEverywhereConnect – a service for all its prepaid and postpaid customers at no additional cost, according to the telecom company.

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Do I need to pay extra for Apple Watch Cellular in India?

No extra charges

In most countries, you have to pay extra for using this technology. However, in India, both the service providers are adding this to the existing plan with no extra charges.