Can pendulum clocks be used in artificial satellites justify your answer?

A simple pendulum cannot be used in an artificial satellite because: In an artificial satellite acceleration due to gravity is zero so the pendulum will not vibrate inside it. … Pendulums are often used in clocks because they take the same amount of time to swing in both the directions.

Can a pendulum clock be used in artificial satellite?

Inside the satellite, the pendulum does not oscillate. Hence a pendulum watch cannot be used in an artificial satellite.

What will happen if a pendulum clock is brought inside an artificial satellite?

If a pendulum clock is brought inside an artificial satellite, then the time period of the clock becomes. … In summer season, the effective length of the pendulum clock is lengthened (increased length), so its time period is also increased and consequently the clock becomes slow.

Why pendulum clocks are not suitable for spaceships?

pendulam clocks time period is dependent on gravity, as the gravity changes it also changes. mostly spring clocks are used in space as it is independent on gravity.

Can a pendulum can be used a good clock?

Pendulum clocks remained the world standard for accurate timekeeping for 270 years, until the invention of the quartz clock in 1927, and were used as time standards through World War 2.

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Which pendulum is used in artificial satellite?

In an artificial satellite acceleration due to gravity is zero so the pendulum will not vibrate inside it. A simple pendulum consists of a light string tied to a pivot point. A mass is attached to its other end. The pendulum moves due to gravity.

Can a simple pendulum experiment be conducted inside a satellite?

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No, the simple pendulum experiment cannot be conducted inside a satellite as the acceleration due to gravity is zero in space and the time period becomes infinity.

When a pendulum stops where does the energy go?

Once the weighted end of the pendulum is released, it will become active as gravity pulls it downward. Potential energy is converted to kinetic energy, which is the energy exerted by a moving object. An active pendulum has the most kinetic energy at the lowest point of its swing when the weight is moving fastest.

How is pendulum used in physics?

To use a pendulum, pull the weight back and let go.

  1. A pendulum will swing forever if nothing happens to slow it down or change its direction.
  2. In reality, outside forces like friction and air resistance will slow down a pendulum.

What are the uses of a pendulum?

What Are the Uses of Pendulums?

  • Keeping Time. The most commonly recognized use of pendulums is observed in clocks. …
  • Keeping the Beat. A pendulum is used in a metronome, which helps maintain the speed of music. …
  • Religious Practice. …
  • Dowsing and Divining. …
  • Recreation and Amusement. …
  • Protection from Earthquakes.

Can anything be used as a pendulum?

Although you can purchase pendulums commercially, ranging from about $15 – $60, it’s not hard to make one of your own. Typically, most people use a crystal or stone, but you can use any object that’s got a bit of weight to it.

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