Can I set up an Apple Watch for someone else?

How do I set up an Apple watch for someone else?

Make sure that the previous owner removed Activation Lock from the watch and that the watch has been erased. They must unpair the watch and remove Activation Lock by entering their Apple ID password, so you can use the watch. If you see the passcode lock screen or the Home screen, the device needs to be erased.

Can I buy an Apple watch on my plan for someone else?

An Apple Watch is a personal (and pricey) gift. If you buy a watch or accessories as a gift, be sure to hang on to the receipt so that your recipient has the option to exchange it for a different model, size, or band. Thank you for signing up! Thank you for signing up!

Can I use my wifes Apple Watch?

You can set up and manage Apple Watch for someone who doesn’t have their own iPhone—your school-aged child or parent, for example. To do so, you must be the family organizer or parent/guardian in your Family Sharing group.

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Can my husband and I share an Apple watch?

With Family Setup, your family member who doesn’t have their own iPhone can use their Apple Watch to do things like make phone calls, send messages, and share their location with you. After you set up a watch for a family member, you can use your iPhone to manage some of the watch’s capabilities.

Can two Apple watches share the same phone number?

Yes, in the Watch app on the phone select All Watches at the top and select Add Watch. Does assume you are using them 1 at a time.

Can you use an Apple Watch without owning an iPhone?

Your Apple Watch will work without an iPhone, but depending on what model of Watch you have, you might not have access to every feature. You’ll need to have access to either a cellular or Wi-Fi connection if you want to use the majority of your Apple Watch’s features without an iPhone.

Can you use an Apple watch from a different carrier?

* An Apple Watch that you set up for a family member can use a different carrier than your iPhone uses.

Which Apple watch should I buy my husband?

For men, we recommend the flagship Apple Watch Series 6, which offers the newest features to date. We’ve also included other models to help you make a better-informed decision.

Which Apple watch should I buy for my wife?

Best Apple Watch for Women in 2020

  • Best Overall: Apple Watch Series 5.
  • Best Splurge: Apple Watch Hermès.
  • Best for Athletes: Apple Watch Nike.
  • Best Value: Apple Watch Series 3.
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Can me and my wife use same Apple Watch?

An Apple Watch and its paired iPhone should also only be used by the same, single user. Each user should instead have a separate Apple ID and be signed in accordingly on their iPhone and Apple Watch.

Why does my Apple Watch have my husbands name?

Check that your contact card contains your name, Apple ID email address and phone number. Remove any of your wife’s information that may appear in your contact card. Check that a separate contact card exists for your wife and that it does not include any of your contact details.

Why is my apple watch asking for my husbands Apple ID?

Do you have purchases made using your husband’s Apple ID? A request for another Apple ID password is often caused by updates to apps/purchases that were made when using the other ID. Those purchases are tied to the other ID and can’t be transferred.

Can you answer calls on Apple watch without phone?

A Wi-Fi or cellular connection lets your Apple Watch do the following things, even if your iPhone isn’t with you. Use Siri to get directions, send iMessages, and more. Send and receive messages. Make and answer phone calls.